It is generally the characteristic of any virus to die in hot conditions. Hence the news spread as fast as the virus itself that summer will shoo away Covid 19. But scientists across the globe doubt this. Novel corona virus is a new trait. And it has already spread across 110 countries on the planet.

Corona Summer, Temperature, Covid-19
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Photo: Twitter

To know the virus and its characteristics, the science world will need some time. Also, Australia and Singapore are in their peak summer days. Temperature in India is also soaring each day. But the cases of infection are increasing in these countries proving the theory wrong.

Is it summer already?
Italy, Netherlands, Germany and other European countries along with US and UK are seeing more rampant spread of Covid 19. Summer hasn’t begun there and it is very cold. Hence it was assumed increase in temperature would reduce the power of virus. Entire European community was eagerly waiting for summer.
But examples from other part of the globe say a different truth. This is a new trait of virus and very less is known about it so far. But it is also known that summer will definitely not scare this beast. Hence all the hopes of sun to erase corona has gone down the drain.