Couple struck in Maldives
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Photo: Instagram

This lovely couple wanted to have a sparking honeymoon at Maldives. After a week long extravaganza, they were to return to their homeland. There they were getting ready to buy a home and spend their lives happily. but fate had other plans. And now their honeymoon is never ending. Unfortunately, all their savings for home is chipped out day by day in this prolonged honeymoon.

“Every one dreams about being struck in a tropical island unless they are actually struck in one. But the best part of the story is that you know you can leave.” These are the words of the couple who are struck in an eternal honeymoon in Maldives.

Strangled in Paradise

According to a report in The New York Times, Covid 19 strangled a couple in Maldives till an unknown date. The couple arrived from South Africa for their honeymoon in Maldives. They being citizens of South Africa, planned to stay in Maldives for 6 days from March 22.

For a 27-year-old teacher and a 28-year-old butcher, the holiday was an extravagance. But since they hadn’t lived together before exchanging vows, it would be a short, firecracker of a launch to their marriage.

They arrived on Sunday and by Wednesday all flights to the paradise island were cancelled due to Covid 19 pandemic. The couple considered taking the half an hour speedboat ride to the main island and trying their luck at the airport. But the Maldives had also announced lock down around the same time. If they left the resort, they might not be allowed back in. So, they stayed.

Tried, but in vain

They reached out to the South African Consulate in the Maldives. Also to the closest South African Embassy, in Sri Lanka for help. A representative told them, via WhatsApp, that there were around 40 other South Africans spread among the Maldives. And their option home would be to hire a chartered jet, at their own expense, for $104,000.
Since this was not at all feasible, the newly weds decided to continue their stay in the resort. Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives, a five star property where they are stationed, is treating them like royalty.

Paradise in reality

The days are long and lazy. They sleep in, snorkel, lounge by the pool, repeat. The resort’s full staff are at hand, because of the presence of the two guests. Their room service checks on them five times a day. The dining crew made them an elaborate candlelit dinner on the beach. Every night performers still put on a show for them in the resort’s restaurant: Two lone audience in a grand dining hall.

They are a treated with no less than any celebrity even at breakfast table. All waiters loiter by their table. The diving instructor pleads with them to go snorkeling whenever they pass him by. The resort staff speak to them like family as they are not allowed to meet even theirs.

Now after all this, the couple have packed their bags. They have joined another 12 couple stranded in different islands of Maldives waiting to go to South Africa. Though this adventure burnt a rather big hole in their pockets, it definitely is a memory to cherish throughout their life.