The world isn’t over the corona virus yet, China is already taking the blow from a bacteria. This new parasite, if affected will make men impotent, say health officials.

china virus
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According to the Health provision of Lanzhou, around 3245 people have been reported dead for the growth of the virus. Apparently, the bacteria which have been leaked from the research facilities is Brucella. It can cause impending damages to the testicles of a man, which can finally lead to impotency.

The Center for Disease Control, US has reported that the yellow fever which is also called the Malta fever can be growing at an alarming rate. And if the bacteria is not contained then it can surely pose a threat like the ongoing ravage of the corona virus.

In the case of Lanzhou, it has been said that disease has spread by breathing in the contaminated area. There are only two ways through which it can spread from one person to the other. If one person is infected and they are sharing the same food or the same bodily engagements then the yellow fever cannot be contained.

Initially the number of people who were tested positive for the bacterial infection were around 3000. But now the numbers are ruling out. Around 21000 people have been tested for the infection and they have been reported positive for the strain. The number is surely larger than at the current rate on which the disease spread should be controlled.

The government officials have commented onto the same and they have been asked for a private investigation into the contamination of the virus. Officials are now finding leaks and sources to know if the spread have been a mistake or it has been done through personal orders.