Humans imitating animals is not something new. As they say, evolution is an ongoing process and hence man seems to still have a bit of animal in him. Well, all this might sound relevant when you see the latest internet sensation video…the video of `Horse Woman.’
Norway citizen Ayla Kirstine knew little about how her special talent will be received by the world. She opened an instagram account few weeks ago and posted few videos on it. Named jump to the stars and back, the account has videos of her running like a four legged animal. Initially, the videos didn’t go well with netizens. And she even thought of deleting her account because of negative comments. But slowly, people began appreciating her skill.
It’s no easy feat to run like how Ayla does it. And the ease with which she runs around the field sometimes with the dog is just amazing. The hand leg co-ordination is something to take note of. People have been very appreciating lately of this talent. Few have even named her `Horse Woman.’

Ayla says she is very sensitive about the feedback and sometimes even thinks of deleting the account entirely. But over time she has begun to take good comments only to heart and ignore the negativity. She also says all this fame makes her feel different.
Apparently she is not the first one possessing this rare talent. But she is just wonderful with whatever she has been doing. And people are applauding and encouraging her with it.