Crave for a goo time laughing? French Biryani is what you want. The movie already starting to smell something good since the trailer release. Just like any biryani, this one will keep you focused. Albeit, it is more to do with proper Bengaluru flavors.

French Biryani Kannada Movie
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Photo: Twitter

Danish Sait is the star actor of the movie. But he is not the hero. The characters are so well woven together, that you fail to conclude the importance of any as more or less than the other. The French man Simon played by Sal Yusuf looks so original to the role.

Danish definitely steals the show. From his more viral lockdown videos, a part of him has tuned itself into Asgar, the typical Bengaluru auto driver. There are plenty of double meaning dialogues all over but none seem to make you fast forward the movie. Vasuki Vaibhav has made beautiful compositions and Bengaluru song has made its mark already.

Producer Punith Rajkumar has probably tasted success on OTT platform well through French Biryani. (Ashwini Punith Rajkumar and Gurudatt are the official producers.) Previous release Law, didn’t make much noise. This movie was made for typical urban audience and OTT provided that stage. Theater release of the movie would had 20 minutes more of the show reel. Pannaga Bharana as director has made a real good noise now. On an all, French Biryani tastes good. And for Kannada movies to do well on OTT (in this case, Amazon Prime Video) is a good development during this pandemic phase.