This sautéed fish is an exotic continental dish that will leave you with a burst of flavors, craving for more. But it is also a quick and easy to make dish with very few ingredients.


Fish fillets – 2

Pepper – 2 tsp

Butter – 100 gms

Garlic – 7-8 cloves

Lime juice – 1 full lime

Rosemary – 2 springs

Thyme – 2 springs

Salt-Olive oil

Method to Cook:

To fillet the fish, you need to slit the fish with the knife away from you in direction from body till the tail, so as to not have any bones on it. Now marinate the fish with salt, pepper and half the lime juice and keep aside for 20 minutes. Now in a pan drizzle some olive oil, add in the butter and the garlic cloves. Make sure the garlic turns nice glossy beige. Add in the marinated fish and fry for 6-7 minutes on each side. Keep adding the butter garlic sauce over the fish to ensure that the flavors are induced into the fish. Finally squeeze the rest of the lime juice and add rosemary and thyme. Serve hot.