Challenging Star Darshan is in celebration mode this week. On one side his most expected movie ‘Odeya’ is all set to hit the screens on November 1. On the other hand, Darshan’s son Vineesh celebrated his birthday today.

Darshan His Son Vineesh Birthday
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Darshan His Son Vineesh

Darshan is keen on bringing his son to movie business. The star kid who turned 11 today has already gained on can experience. Vineesh has played small but significant roles in Yajamana and Airavata. Fans flock challenging star’s house for Vineesh’s birthday.

Last year, tragedy struck when a fan from Madhugiri who was returning home after Vineesh’s birthday celebration died in a road accident. Hence, this year Darshan requested his fans to drive safely through tweets. Nonetheless Vineesh is already getting used to stardom as he has people coming from all over to ring in his birthday. Hopes are high in the kid and Darshan is not leaving any stone unturned in shaping Vineesh’s aspirations.