New comers are gaining their stand in Kannada Cinema gradually. There have been plenty of opportunities for the newbies to prove themselves in sandalwood off late. ‘Andavaada’ is one such attempt by a fresh team. The cast and director of this movie have tried their hand in cinema with this movie. The trailer of the movie has released on Gurukiran YouTube channel on 14th October. The trailer has gained over 5 thousand views on the very first day which is promising for a new team. The viewers have appreciated the narrative of the movie.
Andavaada, Kannada Movie Poster
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Andavaada Kannada Movie Poster

What’s in the trailer?
The lead couple of the movie have dominated the trailer. The trailer points towards a beautiful love story.
The trailer reveals the love, conflict, tension and silent dialogues between the lead actors. There are glimpses of childhood that attracts the viewers.

The director Chala has presented a movie that will strike a chord among youth. Madhusri Golden Frames have financed the project and Vikram Varman has composed the music.
Jai is the hero of ‘Andavaada’. Anusha Ranganath, sister of famous actress Ashika Ranganath is the lead actress. She had even acted in the movie ‘Sodabuddi’. She has also acted in few daily soaps. Harish Rai, Sridhar, Amar Salva are the other actors in the movie.  The trailer has raised expectations on the movie ‘Andavaada’ which is all set to release on the 25th of this month.