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Rachitha Ram Bold Look

When the story was narrated and the scenes were shot, Rachita didn’t realize the boldness of the character. Only after she saw herself onscreen in the trailer she was stunned for a moment. Choreographer Chinni Prakash is very famous for shooting romantic songs aesthetically. But Rachita knew the gravity of it only after the trailer came out.

But, she says she doesn’t repent doing it either. Apparently the scene was not about skin show at all. It was something that was required for the character and Rachita said that it didn’t seem this bold during narration and shooting.

Hence after I Love U, Rachita has firmly decided not to take up roles that would need her to be this hot onscreen. She has stated that her fans have requested her to not do such roles. She will continue to act in girl next door roles or something that she and her family viewers would be comfortable with.