A father-son duo have helped few people in a small but needful way. And this probably is the best news of today. This is a crucial time to many with majority of them becoming jobless due to Covid 19.

Kodagu Help
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Photo: Source/Kodagu

Kodagu district in Karnataka is worst hit in last few days due to heavy rains and landslide. Commuting here is a big challenge in itself. Especially agricultural laborers and students have been struggling to travel. Coffee planters Vishal Sivappa and his father Vinod Sivappa have donated bicycles to a couple of the affected farmers and students.

“My grandfather and my father have been involved in the various charities from long time. Taking their legacy forward, I have decided to continue helping people who are in need. The recent rains in Kodagu and Covid-19 pandemic have severely affected people.

Many are struggling to earn their livelihood. I see many kids walking 5 to 10 kms to their schools and laborers walking several kilometers to reach workplace. Donating bicycles would definitely help them reach their destinations easily. This is a very small contribution and I am really happy to help them”, says Vishal Sivappa.

Meanwhile, Vinod Sivappa, Vishal’s father, who has been involved in various farmer welfare programs over the years, said he along with his father had taken up many initiatives for the welfare of workers and was delighted and proud that his son Vishal had chosen similar path to help those who were in need of the help and added that he would always extend his support to such initiatives.