The Chitrasanthe that took place on 6th January 2019 was the best way to kick start the year for most of the visitors. Though the inauguration of the event happened at 11 am, art lovers began flocking the place at as early as 7 am. Over 1200 artists from 16 states had arrived with their best piece to take part in Chitrasanthe. Chitrasanthe which literally translates to fair of pictures, plays as a meeting point for artists and art lovers. With no middlemen in business the artists display their piece in the assigned stalls. The patrons visit the stalls on either side of the street and buy whichever soothes their soul. The stalls are simple number markings on the pavements of Kumara Krupa road, crescentroad and Gandhi Bhavan road. A bright winter morning opened up to an array of magnificent colors and forms called Chitrasanthe. Glass paintings, freehand styles, intricate potraits, madhubani clad objects, realistic cement arts, pottery, tiny art works that modified themselves into daily ware objects were in plenty. With a walk across these paths one is certain to get tempted to try their hand in a piece of art soon. For such enthusiasts there were multiple outlets selling various raw materials, paints, canvas, guiding books and other stuff necessary to create pieces of art. The wonderful fair of Chitrasanthe went on till dusk and one could see people walking towards their parked vehicles with handful of paintings and artworks. Several artists,who otherwise struggle to find buyers for their works, find market in Chitrasanthe. Few of them even land up with bulk commercial orders. Hence Chitrasanthe is a win win situation to the buyer and seller alike.